I act, advise, collaborate and work in the interests of people and organizations at the intersection of real estate, design, ideas and philanthropy in the Los Angeles area.


Maximilian is a native of the Westside of Los Angeles, born and raised in the neighborhoods of Pacific Palisades and Brentwood.

Bringing a host of characteristics into play from charisma and enthusiasm to a relentless motor and a passion for helping others.  Approachable, genuine and straight-forward, he provides a quality environment for two-way dialogue and constructivism.

A byproduct of an environment of diversity, his upbringing and actions attracted him to an array of different cultures, languages, foods, ideas, traditions and observance of the socio-economic contrasts that have only been further intensified since his childhood.  This curiosity extends well beyond current events and into history, economics, psychology, science and technology; to say it in totality he has a natural curiosity as to the ways, means and constructs of our society.

Early exposure to the real estate industry came in his teens, as a way to keep him out of trouble, working part-time for a local top producer with tasks including people-forward interactions, marketing mailers, websites and witnessing the actions of a consistent producer.  Further understanding and experience was garnered through his time under the Nourmand & Associates brand, ending in 2011.  Beginning his real estate brokerage relationship with Bulldog Realtors of Venice in 2012.

Maximilian creates value by treating every client as an extension of himself, strict in adherence to his fiduciary duties, competent in his information gathering and thorough in the due diligence processes to ensure that each client is more than sufficiently informed, he calls this “advocacy”.  Adding ideas and approaches for renovation, configuration and expansion, along with a flair (or stubborn opinion) for aesthetics and design in a form he refers to as “mediumism”, a little more than minimalism.

A lifelong presence in Los Angeles has created a deep understanding and base of reference for the micro-markets, infrastructure, composition and history of large swaths of the City, as an active observer for more than twenty years of civic evolution.  Prideful of navigating clients through and away from risk and complication, Maximilian has honed an ability to assess situations and translate this information to his clients with positive outcomes, such as avoiding troubled properties and seeing the explosive potential of undervalued micro-markets and in some areas finding specific undervalued blocks.

A competitor by nature, Maximilian immerses himself in a number of sports and disciplines, while maintaining a rigorous fitness regime.  Enjoying the outdoors, travel, philosophy, live performance expression and most importantly, chocolate chip cookies when allowed.


Real Estate

Sales marketing, acquisition and exchanges, along with leasing services covering residential and commercial assets for select micro-markets in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Ideas & Strategy

Generate, scrutinize, adapt, merge, map, research, refine and otherwise create translatable concepts and supportive materials that fit within a scope of need for my clients and prospects.

Design & Interiors

I help influence the aesthetics and configurations of environments for clients in a manner that embraces their personality in a functional and vibrant manner that I playfully refer to as “mediumism”.



To create and uncover opportunities in the form of concepts, ventures, assets or combination thereof … that meet the needs, goals and objectives of my clients, potential patrons or organizations.


To advocate and serve in the best interests of my clients, operating under the principles of fiduciary duty.


To be diligent, collaborative, discreet and transparent in performing my work and duties on behalf of my clients.


To be a trusted and valuable asset, influence and contributor to my clients, community and society.



Client opportunity to spend less upfront and build upon an existing canvas, critical to the client was having a large land signature and proximal must-haves.  Contributed towards refining the vision for renovations and expansion, along with materials and furnishings, for the homes next iteration.


Playa Vista

Secured terms within two days of coming to market, remote client had been looking for months for a particular property with specific conditions and needs.  Overcame roadblocks in the information sharing stage of the due diligence process, to get the deal across the line in under 30 days.


Sherman Oaks

Client was seeking a change of setting, after almost three years and a pandemic, time was up.  Needs had changed and migration patterns had changed proximity to important people and places.  Got the property on the market rapidly and under contract at a tremendous benefit for client within 30 days.




A digital information service that pierces the veil of our complex world, presenting visualized reliable data sets that will illuminate correlation, causation and status of our world, with introspective analysis of historical events and periods.  A project whose goal is to supercharge education and foster curiosity in our youth.

Intellectual Property, Trademark, Licensing, Information Services, Education, Technology



Expanding access to open space environments through a community land trust, purposed with serving the common good in support of education, entrepreneurialism, entertainment, recreation and the spirit of both competition, cooperation and integration throughout the City of Los Angeles.

Community Land Trust, Open Space, Park, Philanthropy, Technology, Infrastructure



Integrating land conservation with a vital pivot towards high-efficiency urban farming, delivering opportunities for communities to crowd fund/support hyper-localized investments, with targeted byproducts being deflation of food costs, increasing food quality, reduction of water use, health benefits and community knowledge, to say the least.

Technology, Agriculture, Food Production, Infrastructure, Land Conservation, Cooperative




I participate in a minimum level of social media platforms, as I believe their value is heavily overvalued and that existing offerings are more negatively affecting our society.


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Bulldog Realtors
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