My name is Maximilian Favela.

I work at the intersection of real estate, strategy and philanthropy in advocacy of client interests.

I navigate the Los Angeles real estate market for a diverse array of clients to minimize risk, uncover opportunities, share perspectives and add value for every client.

The Person

Maximilian is a native of Los Angeles, born and raised on the Westside.

Bringing more than charisma to his endeavors, Maximilian is an enthusiastic team player with a wide ranging knowledge and a passion for helping others. Approachable, genuine and straight-forward, he provides a quality environment for engaging and constructive communication.

A byproduct of the diversity of Los Angeles with upbringings and actions that attracted him towards a broad range of ideas, cultures, foods, activities, languages and the socioeconomic contrasts that permeate the City of Los Angeles.

Naturally infused with a curiosity as to the ways, means and constructs of our society and inquiries as to where we are heading as a species. This intrigue extends his perspective well-beyond the purview of real estate covering various topics of history, geology, physics, science, technology and futurism … with the end result being a broad field of view.

His lifelong presence in Los Angeles has shaped a perspective of change that has expanded together with the changes of the City. The last three development cycles from 2003-2022, have significantly changed quality and expectations in the real estate landscape of Los Angeles, from architectural forms and identities to materials and features. 

Alongside the impacts of neighborhood gentrification and maximization of floor area ratios, witnessing these transformations play a critical role in being able to foresee and advise clients on what the future might hold.

With more than 10 years of experience in the real estate industry, exposure at multiple levels of observation, problem solving, negotiating and structuring deals. The potential complexity in every transaction creates a requirement for careful considerations that generate desired outcomes.

He takes these considerations seriously and plans accordingly, creating value for clients at every step, in times of ease and of stress, extending himself the extra mile to get results.


I work as a Realtor.

Where I specialize in residential and commercial real estate assets throughout the sale, purchase and leasing processes with a focus on the market regions of the Westside, Central, Downtown, the Valley and where my clients needs take me.  See this map for reference.


  • Establish a clear understanding of client needs, through constructive and efficient dialogue.
  • Develop a rapport and establish best practices for communication, action-ables and scheduling.
  • Deliver quality information and insights regarding property options and opportunities.
  • Get deals across the line and closed for my clients.
  • Bring that “je ne sais quoi”.

Key Focuses

  • Priority and commitment to every clients’ interests.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Be diligent, ask questions and seek answers.
  • Plan, strategize and execute.
  • Communicate effectively and transparently.



Property emerged as ideal for client location needs. We got a vision of what to do with the place, negotiated a reduced price and terms set in less than 48 hours. Solidified that improvement vision within the inspection period. Navigated unforeseeable obstacles to get the deal done.


Playa Vista

Property came to market matching remote clients needs, scenario, international family trip. I got a full report on the property, video, images, measurements along with detailed explanation of configuration and how it works. We navigated multiple offers and some due diligence issues to secure the deal in 36 hours, closed in under 30 days.


Sherman Oaks

Client called and said it was time for a change of scenery, pandemic had changed their location priorities. We got into action, added a bit of decor, and worked to get the property on the market and under contract in under 30 days, setting a new record price for that particular section of the neighborhood.



I am grateful to have received amazing input from my clients on their experience.

DeStorm Power

YouTuber, Actor, Musician, Comedian

“Maximilian is an amazing Realtor, not just because he can sell you a home, but he can sell you an experience. And he doesn’t just sell you the experience, he lives the experience with you, so you know he’s passionate about what he is actually doing. When I first got into the business of buying homes, I didn’t know what the hell was going on … but he explained everything to me …  He is the type of person that will be there for you every step of the way and when you can’t figure out who you should go to get the things done, he will find someone for you.  If it’s a house that he knows is not right for you, … he’ll say don’t get it.”

[Shortened, please listen to audio.]

Jodi Day

“We are so grateful to have had Max as our Realtor. From the very beginning, he went above and beyond to ensure that we found the perfect home for our family. He was always quick to respond to our questions and concerns and even went to see properties for us as soon as they were listed when we were stuck at work. He never let us settle for less than what we wanted, and as a result, we ended up with the perfect house. Not only was Max a fantastic realtor, but he also connected us with an incredible mortgage broker who made the whole process seamless. I highly recommend Max to anyone looking to buy a home – he is truly an amazing realtor and we couldn’t have done it without him. “


“A playful blend of seriousness and humor. Max brought personality, communication, knowledge and much more to our situation.  We felt prioritized and that we benefited from his participation in our deal.”

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